By Vishnu Dronadula

I once tried climbing a mountain but was too scared to do it. It was during my brother’s birthday. My brother invited his friends to our home to celebrate his birthday. My brother, his friends, and I all decided to climb the mountain near our home as we were bored and wanted to do something adventurous to commemorate my brother’s birthday. Whilst I did have a fear of heights, I didn’t want to be the only person to not participate in climbing the mountain and be the odd one out. We prepared well for the journey and took backpacks and necessary materials like compasses and food with us. When we first started climbing the mountain it wasn’t very steep and I was able to easily walk along the path and climb it. However, as we climbed higher there was no path and we all had to try our best to navigate and climb the mountain. The mountain also got steeper as we climbed higher and I was growing scared but I was determined not to show any cowardice. Although I steeled my heart the fear in me began to build up slowly but steadily.  

Despite me trying my best to climb to the peak, I wasn’t able to do it. I was inching towards the peak but before I knew it my breath grew short and my heart started beating rapidly. I started sweating buckets and my legs lost strength. I then realized the truth. I wasn’t brave enough to climb it. I stopped abruptly while climbing and told my brother I will be going back home. I slowly climbed down the mountain and walked back home while being ashamed of myself. I wanted to shout at my past self for being such a coward. Although I tried to forget about the events of that day, I wasn’t able to do it. I was just short of my goal, the summit. The feeling of being scared and weak haunted me. I felt disappointed at myself for being like that. I knew that I would have to do something. So, I resolved myself that I would one day climb the mountain by myself and reach the peak.

Soon school ended and it was my summer holidays. I knew that it was time to face my fears. I woke up early in the morning and set out to the climb the mountain filled with resolve. I took small steps filled with determination. I then carefully made my way up the mountain when it started raining suddenly. I was confused as it was a sunny day but still knew what I had to do. It was very dangerous to traverse through surfaces like fields and mountains, which could become muddy and cause landslides, when it rained so I searched for shelter. I climbed to the highest point I could find and examined the area to find refuge. I soon found sanctuary in the form of a tiny cave. While it did take a few minutes to eventually reach the cave I made it. Whilst the cave barely had enough space to rest it was clean and was adequate enough to take shelter in. By the time it stopped raining a few hours had passed by. I then conscientiously made my way down the mountain. I knew that it was too hazardous for me to climb a mountain when it rained which meant that I failed in my mission again. However, I wasn’t disheartened by my failure. I eventually tried again a few days later and was finally able to reach the peak. I now understand why you should try and try until you succeed. Perseverance was key in reaching my goal.