Career Counselling

Career Counseling is aimed at helping the learner to determine his/her strengths, values and interests in order to make choices regarding their career or major. It is a collaborative partnership between the learner and the counsellor.
The comprehensive school counselling program is an essential, integrated component of the total instructional program through which students have opportunities for academic, career and personal/social development. Therefore, the school counselling program involves a planned, purposeful and sequel program of activities that begin in kindergarten and continues through senior year. Comprehensive school programs are data-informed by student needs and provide outcome-based accountability measures that align the counselling program with the school’s overall academic mission.

Objectives and Purpose
• For students to develop positive attitudes towards study and work.
• For students to evaluate their own strengths and to build on their own areas for development.
• To help students fully engage in career planning.
• For students to understand and develop the skills that are required to be successful in their future pathway.
• To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities at key transition points and translate these effectively into appropriate decisions and actions.
• To provide students with the relevant career information, advice and guidance that are suitable for their personal needs.


Counselling is:

  • The process that occurs when a student and a counselor is set aside time to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feeling of a student.
  • The act of helping the student to see things more clearly, possibly from a different perspective. This can enable the student to focus on feelings, experiences or behavior, with a goal of facilitating positive change.
  • A relationship of Trust. Confidentiality is a paramount to successful counselling. Professional counselors will usually explain their policy on confidentiality. They may, however be required by law to disclose information if they believe that there is a risk to life.

Counselling is not:


  • Giving advice
  • Being judgmental
  • Getting emotionally involved


Career Counselling

Career counselling is counselling or mentoring/coaching on issues related to an individual’s career. With more and more diverse career options and professional opportunities emerging. Career counselling helps individuals make the right choice about their career paths, career development and career change.

Career counsellors help individuals with the task of self-assessment and self-analysis. They then match the aptitude, skills and interests of the individuals with various job types. They also help identify the various job options available and provide clarity on different job roles.

Overall, they help individuals make informed career choices and help them define their career paths to maximize the success in their chosen careers.

Guidance and Counselling aim at:

  1. Rendering focus on the needs of a child
  2. Acquiring the right understanding
  3. Maintaining discipline
  4. Enabling overall development

Role of School in providing value education

school is a place where children spent most of the time and they get to learn many positive values in life. Value based education shape their future and add purpose to their life. It makes them learn how to deal with their day to day activities. Helps them to gain self-responsibility for their behaviour.

Benefits of guidance and counselling in school

It makes them competent for future success. Equips them with all the latest career trends. Improves personal development. Shapes the child for decision taking and making the process by developing their interpersonal skills.

  1. Students are given proper guidance on how to deal with psychological problems which can badly impact their studies. Through these sessions, the students will be able to develop certain problem-solving skills which to an extent help them deal with particular issues surrounding their lives.
  2. The students are advised on how to cope with different situations they tend to face in their school life. For instance, how should they talk politely or relate with their peers. This advice will give them perspective on how should they behave in certain scenarios.
  3. It helps to shape a student’s behaviour and also instil enough discipline in them. Proper guidance helps them achieve their goals, well guided & counselled students know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way.
  4. Students learn how-to live-in peace and harmony with others in the school community. Thereby, they also learn to appreciate other people in their class.
  5. It helps to bridge the gap between students and the school administration, since they are able to guide their problems through a proper counselling channel in the office.
  6. Students get comprehensive advice on career, courses and jobs that enable them to make a proper and informed choice and understand what they can do after they are done with school.
  7. It allows students to talk to teachers about various experiences that make them uncomfortable. They can openly share problems that they cannot share with their parents.
  8. Talks related to alcohol, drugs, personal feelings or any kind of abuse, can be openly discussed. Guidance and counselling also make students better human beings since they are counselled on how to act and behave in a particular situation
  9. It enables students undergoing certain difficulties in their lives, to ask questions and clarify them through guiding and counselling. Therefore, counselling helps them ask without any fear since the person in charge is willing to help.

Careers Expo/Market

Due to a large of new programs addressed to young people, there are a lot of career market events organized. We think it’s important that the students maximize the opportunity offered by a Careers Expo/Market to gather information about career pathways, education and training, and job opportunities.

In order for students to gain value from a careers and training expo or careers market, we had conducted a university expo at our school premises “Wharf 2020” on 27th February 2020.

The following universities were a part of the expo:

  1. Ahmedabad University, India
  2. Ashoka University, India
  3. Atria University, India
  4. Education USA
  5. Flame University, India
  6. Krea University, India
  7. Reva University, India
  8. SIUK
  9. Sri Sankara Arts and Science College, India
  10. George’s University, West Indies.
  11. Swiss Hotel Management School Caux & Leysin, Switzerland
  12. University Of Arizona


Consultancies at the EXPO 2020

  1. Canam Group
  2. IDP


Good initiative taken by Mrs. Swathi M Rao. Student guidance is as important as securing good grades in exam. A great platform created by Sri Sankara Global Academy, Pammal for the learners along with their parents to acquire, collaborate and decide the future path of their kids. Much appreciated.

Mr. Venki

Representative, University of Arizona, USA

I would like to thank the management of the school for giving the parents a wonderful opportunity to explore different universities under one roof. The representatives of each universities were well prepared for any type of queries from the parents’ end. And last but not the least I would also like to thank the volunteers who guided us for the seminar and presentations

Mrs. Rajeshwari

Parent of a Grade-11 student

The expo held at our school was very informative and helpful. I was able to explore a wide range of universities and discover new opportunities related to my academic career, all under one roof. I would like to thank our principal Mrs.Jyostna Mahesh and our academic counsellor Mrs.Swathi Rao for organizing such an amazing event for us and enlightening us with the opportunities in the outer world

Rakshitha Anand


It was a pleasure participating in the “Wharf” university expo on 22nd February 2020 organized by your reputed school Sri Sankara Global Academy, Pammal. I must say that these young minds were very curious to explore possibilities of quality education outside of Chennai. It was a well organized event, given the fact that I as an Ambassador University could connect with more than 40 students from 8th standard and up, who walked in to genuinely know and understand about liberal education at Ahmedbad university.

Pooja Kaur

Regional Manager, Office of undergraduate admissions and financial aid, Ahmedabad University

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