By Vishnu Dronadula

Hazy rays of light penetrated the curtains. The maddening alarm clock stirred my lazy self-awake.  I leisurely put on my enormous brown coat, my grey woollen gloves, my dull black boots and my notable red scarf. I drowsily opened the door when numbing frigid air brushed past my face leaving a stinging pain. I gazed at the cloudy bluish pink sky and was captivated by its beauty. I watched as countless translucent crystals gently floated throughout the sky. Snow descended leisurely but it slowly accumulated to form blankets that enveloped the ground. Snow covered everything as far as the eye can see. Birds playfully flew about and chirped harmoniously.

I walked softly and steadily atop the blankets of snow. Snow fell quietly when a silent breeze rushed by. My teeth clattered and my body shivered involuntarily owing to the frosty cold conditions. Every step I took forward was arduous while my footprints blemished the blanket of snow which covered the earth. Withered trees became crooked due to the vast amounts of snow that settled on their branches. I raised my hand to the sky and watched as snow lightly fell on my gloves. The snow melted due to heat of my body and my gloves were helpless in front of the ice-cold liquid. I grit my teeth as piercing pain assaulted my hand.

I decided to stroll around the dilapidated bridge near my home. I took my time to appreciate the surroundings as I drew closer to the time-worn bridge. People who wore warm winter clothing were littered all over the neighbourhood. Shops were filled with limited time merchandise and products dyed white and red and decorated Christmas trees in commemoration of Christmas. Stray animals attentively scoured through alleys searching for anything that would help them stay warm and not freeze to death due to the chilly conditions. As I arrived at the bridge, I heard low groans. I was alarmed and started rushing towards the source of the grunts when I smelled the distinct metallic scent of blood. I was shocked by the sight of an injured puppy.

Fur as white as the snow in the surroundings, a bushy tail, two drooping ears, and pained brown eyes. Blood slowly dripped from its paw, dyeing the white snow a crimson red. As I made my way towards the wounded animal, it spotted me and growled as ferociously as it could. I was not intimidated by its growl, but instead charmed by the adorable creature. It backed away as I approached closer so I slowed down but still inched closer every second until I was right next to it. I delicately stroked the puppy and took it into my arms. It cried out and moved constantly to escape. My jacket became drenched with blood.

I laboriously sprinted towards the nearest pet clinic while also making sure to carefully hold onto the fearful pup. The distinct odour of chlorine filled my nose as soon as I charged into the pet clinic and handed the puppy to the veterinarian. The veterinarian meticulously treated the puppy while I stood there fidgeting the entire time. I couldn’t bear to hear the whimpering of the puppy. I decided right that instant that I would adopt that puppy.