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SpellBee International’s Center For English Language Excellence

We have been awarded a special status to function as “SpellBee International’s
This is in due recognition and acknowledgement of their commitment to build a strong foundational English to all their students via consistently integrating SpellBee International’s ‘Strategic Language Enhancement Programme’ [SLEP] in their school curriculum and creating an enriching ecosystem and learning environment for students.
This centre shall offer SpellBee International’s comprehensive language learning program that nurtures accuracy in English for students, and also empower educators and parents to connect teaching with learning.
This systemic programme aims to enhance language skills, specifically accuracy and fluency in English, through a range of activities and resources.
One of the key aspects of the centre is to focus on teacher and parent training via participating in Spellbee International’s monthly training sessions for teachers and parents that will equip them with effective instructional strategies, language development techniques, and resources to support students’ language acquisition.
To cater to students of different grade levels, the centre shall incorporate grade-specific, age-appropriate, and organized activity-oriented content of SpellBee International. These materials, supported by live boot camps, coaching videos, etc. are designed to engage students and foster their English language accuracy by incorporating interactive exercises, games, and projects.
In addition to preparing and appearing for Interschool, State, National and International levels of SpellBee competitions, the students of the centre shall also participate in ‘Fluency Projects for Social Transformation’ – a collaborative project of  SpellBee International – WAAS (World Academy of Art and Science) for its HS4A (Human Security for All) project. This collaboration encourages students to explore global issues and develop fluency by actively participating in assignments. By engaging with the 7 pillars of human security as defined by the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS), students develop critical thinking skills and gain a deeper understanding of societal challenges.

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