Jakata Tales

Author: Rakshitha & Mahalakshmi “ALL LIVING CREATURES DIE TO BE BORN AGAIN, SO THE HINDUS BELIEVE. BUT THE BUDDHA WAS NO EXCEPTION.” Jataka tales are short stories that comprises of the previous life of Buddha in various forms. This genre is an Ancient Indian...

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Indian Culture

India is a diverse nation which practice unity in diversity. We practice different cultures, religion, tradition and cuisine. India is been always overlooked for its cultural treasures which even dates several millennia old. Culture refers collectively to the...

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Heritage of India

Author: Mohana Are you sure that you know everything about our ancient buildings?  Incredible India is a country of great monuments and let us revisit to know more about them. Yes, we proudly say that India has interesting stories that are marvellous. Even...

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Democracy in India

Authors: G.ArvindNathan & S.Lokeshwar Democracy is a system of government that allows the citizens to cast vote and elect a government of their choice. India became a democratic country after its independence from the British rule in 1947. It is the largest...

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Why Is Ramayana Important ?

Authors: Venkat Dronabula & A.Nowfar Have you ever heard of the epic Ramayana? If you have, what have you understood from it? Ramayana has many life values that we can learn and apply in our own lives. Many people have led and are leading happy lives by following...

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